Custom grill grates

for the sportsman and sports enthusiast

Take pride in how you cook, as well as what you cook.


Your design or ours

Cut to your specifications creating a unique piece for your outdoor kitchen, barbecue, smoker, or any grilling surface you might be using.

MyTeamsGrate is developing a full line of grilling grates for the sportsman and sports enthusiast.

Our grate patterns keep your foods from falling through so you get the whole burger, and your veggies aren’t lost in the fire.  Laser cut from 1/4 inch food grade 304 Stainless Steel plates our grates have no welds, giving clean lines with dynamic precision.  Using high nickel content steel results in a brilliant sheen that gives you a beautiful cooking surface for years.  In fact, we stand behind this with a limited lifetime warranty.  Your grate will last for decades with no rust or corrosion!


Love cooking over natural heat? So do we. Let’s do it with style. Grate designs for the foods you grill most; meats, fish, or the veggies.


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